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Bedding – quilts, pillows, mattress covers

Bedding – quilts, pillows, mattress covers

LIO sheets, quilts, pillows, and mattress covers belong to modern times bedding; they are soft, light, voluminous, hygienic, anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic. Wrapped cotton fabric in contact with the body maintains an ideal microclimate. The filling is made from high-quality siliconized polyester fiber with excellent thermoregulation properties, which make the products suitable for use throughout the year.

LIO pillows, quilts and mattress covers as well as surface stitching on the quilts and mattress covers prevent compaction of fiber which the bedding is filled with. This enables retaining its original features of the bedding in use, and after washing. Medical pillows can be used therapeutically and preventively, because they ensure the correct position of the spine, peaceful sleep, feeling of relaxation and rest.

With the developments of new technology we have produced a new program called PRIMA BIOAKTIV with anti-bacterial fiber. Advantages of filling with bioactive fibers are the prevention of bacterial growth on the fiber surface, which means that it meets the high hygienic requirements, without damaging the natural skin texture, and permanent antibacterial action unaffected by washing or using. Anti-stress quilts and pillows SILVER LINE have antistatic and antibacterial properties, reduce sensitivity to allergies and positively affect the quality of sleep.

Besides the characteristics previously mentioned, the advantage of LIO bedding program is that it can be washed in the washing machine (40 °C – 95 °C) according to the accompanying care instructions. Due to these advantages LIO sheets, pillows, quilts and mattress covers are mostly used in households, hotels and hospitals.


LIO - textile industry Osijek was founded in 1901. Since then LIO has been continuously monitoring the development and application of new technologies especially in the production of pillows, quilts and mattress covers. After the reorganization, Tekstil LIO Ltd. continues the tradition of one of the most famous bedding manufacturers. Our mission is to offer high-quality products, taking care of the health, comfort and enjoyment of our customers. We develop our production program in this direction and at the same time follow global trends, using new knowledge and new materials which appear on the market. By doing so, we maintain...