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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality

PAN BEZ beer

PAN BEZ beer

In late 2004, Carlsberg Croatia Ltd. presented Pan BEZ beer on the market, an alcohol-free version of refreshing Pan beer. Pan BEZ is a light non-alcohol light beer with a maximum of 0.5 % of alcohol. Although it contains a significantly lower quantity of alcohol, by its real beer taste and modern practical packaging with pull-off beer, Pan BEZ is distinguished among similar products in the Croatian market.

Pan BEZ is produced from natural ingredients according to strict Carlsberg standards and in accordance with the dedicaiton by Carlsberg Croatia brewery to its leading role in the development of high quality products in Croatia.

Carlsberg Croatia Ltd.

Brewerey from Koprivnica, a part of Danish corporation Carlsberg is the most modern and ecologically most advanced brewery in Croatia which connects international experience with the local tradition in order to provide pleasure to their customers, business partners and employees. Owing to this combinaiton, Carlsberg Croatia is the fastest growing beer company in the Croatian market which unites a strong growth and active socially responsible business. The success of Carlsberg Croatia is based on its brands, motivated people and close relations with buyers and customers. Employees of Carlsberg Croatia are a team of responsible and ambitious professionals dedicated to development...

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