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Adult Education

Adult Education

Through more than one decade of its work College Maestro conducts education in forms of qualification programs, retraining, various courses and specializations and offers elementary and high school education of adults. The college is located in a town Požega within a contemporary furnished space. Also, technologically equipped classrooms and cabinets for carrying out education in the fields of economy, transport and logistics, tourism, electro technics, machinery, computer engineering, health care and a library with more than 4000 works are dispositional to our professors and students. By constant investment in personnel, our educators, and by furnishing the space with the technologically advanced equipment the college follows its intended goal of offering services of education at high quality level- without compromise in that segment.

Ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih MAESTRO

Inspiration, vision, strategy, thereby an intended goal have been the basic guidelines of the College Maestro, which by spreading knowledge and experience contributes to all areas of life and by its 21st century status constantly invests in the quality growth. Also, the college consists of contemporary and seminally methods that educate the student, therefore to the labour market places the cadre conditioned by trends and real needs that are set by business life challenges.