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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality



Potato gnocchi, potato gnocchi with vegetables and potato gnocchi with mushrooms are a part of Marex Gel production program of frozen dough. The culinary tradition of Dalmatia with technological processing and continuous quality control have resulted in verifying the production line with the Croatian Quality label in 2004. The range of products which are enriched by vegetables flavours is, in various packaging, intended for catering industry and retail network.


The company Marex gel Ltd. was registered in 1991 in the category of production of dairy products. This production program is based on the production of ice-cream intended for consumation in catering industries and retail distribution. Richness of flavours and aromas resulting from technological progress of the company has made Marex gel a business parter of more than 600 entities in Zadar, Šibenik and Split County and lately in the whole of Croatia. The availability of capacities and the expertise of employees have in 1999 resulted in expanding of the production program to frozen dough. Potato gnocchi have become a...