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Did you know that buyers are 63% more likely to purchase products with one of the marks of Croatian quality?



Women’s slides – models 323321 and 323922

Men’s slides – models 927824 and 927925

Slides are originally intended to be work shoes, especially for jobs that require standing for a long time but can also be worn as leisure time shoes. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather. The insole is anatomically designed, made of polyurethane foam and upholstered with high-quality leather lining. The top of the shoe is connected to the polyurethane sole by glue. The sole is slip resistant, abrasion resistant, and there is a so called anti-shock pad in the heel region which absorbs an unyielding shock which occurs with every step. The anatomical shape and natural materials make slides comfortable and prevent callosities, corns, etc. The standard colors of slides are white, black and blue, but they can be made in other colors as well.

Siga Ltd.

Siga Ltd. was established in 1990 as a family-owned company by father and son. The roots of the company date back to the family craft. The share capital of the company is 1,318,000.00 HRK. Today, the company has its own office space area of several thousand square meters. There are around fifty employees in the company at the moment, with a tendency of growing. The core business of the company is the production of protective footwear, clothes, gloves and other workplace safety supplies. Besides manufacture, we also sell personal protective equipment. All products are manufactured in accordance with the Law...