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Morčići or Mori

Morčići or Mori

According to the legend, in the 16th century  the Turkish army penetrated all the way to the town of Rijeka, and they camped in the Grobnik Field. During the siege, the people of Rijeka were afraid so they started praying that rocks would fall from the sky and kill the Turks. The Croatian general Zrinski fired an arrow that struck the Turkish pasha in his temple and he died. And indeed, the rocks from heaven started falling and buried the Turkish army on the run. The only things left in the Grobnik Field were the white turbans. In honor of that event, the earrings Morčići of Mori were made, initially as jewelry for common people, later as status symbol, which even the Austrian Empress Maria Ana wore. To this day Morčić or Moretto is a symbol of protection from evil to all fishermen and sailors, while as a popular yet unique gift it became the guardian of the identity of the Croatian coast.

Goldsmith Križek Ltd.

Goldsmith Križek was founded in 1935 as a family craft. Since then, several generations of Križek family have shaped noble metals with their own hardworking hands to make recognizable gold and silver jewelry. Today, Goldsmith Križek Ltd. is held by two brothers, Viktor and Vlado, but the forth family generation, Koraljka, Žarka and Željko Križek, show their creativity and knowledge more and more each day. Goldsmith Križek is one of the leading goldsmith crafts in Croatia. Originality of Godsmith Križek is reflected in quality, design and the use of precious gemstones in making jewelry. Goldsmith Križek’s most famous products are...

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