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Dubrovnik Jewelry Collection

Dubrovnik Jewelry Collection

Traditional Dubrovnik jewelry

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city located in the south of Croatia, built on the rocks and protected by St. Blaise, the patron saint through the history.

Unfortunately, very little of original jewelry by old Dubrovnik goldsmiths have been preserved, due to the thefts, selling, moving, inheritance, damaging and melting that goldsmith was often exposed to. However, preserved jewelry is kept in a museum where you can mostly see votive offerings that the people of Dubrovnik donated to the church and to their patrons.

Križek Jewelry from Zagreb amazed by the beauty of the jewelry and intrigued by the complexity of its manufacture, after long preparations managed to create a collection of historic jewelry – Dubrovnik Jewelry Collection. The collection has been awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce with the “Croatian Creation” label.

The collection encompasses the most popular pieces of jewelry from Dubrovnik region, such as the necklace made of golden beads- “peružini”, the engagement ring in the shape of two conjoined hands – “Vera”, rings “Zmijar” and “Samarac”, earrings “Rečini na bočicu” earrings “Vežilice,” cross with the decoration of filigree, …

In November 2008, Križek Jewelry received EU funds for promotion of Dubrovnik jewelry. The inclusion of 4 pieces of jewelry in the collection of Dubrovnik jewelry was planned in the budget of the project. These pieces are: heart-shaped pendant “srce”, needle heart brooch “igla srce”, star-shaped pendant “zvijezda” and plum-shaped earrings “šljivice“. Jewelry is made by using old techniques of manufacture and respecting the technology of the 17th century.

Goldsmith Križek Ltd.

Goldsmith Križek was founded in 1935 as a family craft. Since then, several generations of Križek family have shaped noble metals with their own hardworking hands to make recognizable gold and silver jewelry. Today, Goldsmith Križek Ltd. is held by two brothers, Viktor and Vlado, but the forth family generation, Koraljka, Žarka and Željko Križek, show their creativity and knowledge more and more each day. Goldsmith Križek is one of the leading goldsmith crafts in Croatia. Originality of Godsmith Križek is reflected in quality, design and the use of precious gemstones in making jewelry. Goldsmith Križek’s most famous products are...

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