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Chromolux TOP

Chromolux TOP

Stain for thick-layer lacquer long-term protection, decoration and finishing of interior and exterior joinery and other wood products. It is used for the protection of external surfaces (windows, doors …) in the most demanding weather conditions and for the protection of interior wood surfaces. It emphasizes the natural texture of wood with excellent UV protection; it is hydrophobic and does not contain biocides. The protected area has silky gloss and is resistant to the elements. All types of stain are intermixable in any desired ratio to provide many subtle tones.

Chromos boje i lakovi Inc.

Chromos boje i lakovi Inc. offer a wide range of products, from varnishes and parquet adhesives, interior wall paints, facade paints and plaster, wood stain to powder products for construction industry, covering the widest range of market needs. The scope of product range and a long tradition are providing development synergy and supply security. "We shall only make the best quality goods," wrote the founder of modern Chromos boje i lakovi Inc. back in 1920. The company has since gone through various changes brought about by the spirit of time and social environment as much as by its own strengths...

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