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Caffeteria Cappuccino

Caffeteria Cappuccino

Cappuccino classic, Cappuccino chocolate, Cappuccino vanilla, Cappuccino classic without sugar  

 An exceptional aroma, carefully selected ingredients and various flavours are characteristics of the line of Cafeteria cappuccino. Full enjoyment is ensured by natural and carefully selected ingredients which are processed in technically innovative manufacture procedure. Cafeteria cappuccino line comprises the following flavours: classic, chocolate, vanilla and classic without sugar.

ALBA M.S. Ltd.

ALBA M.S. Ltd. is a company with 15 years of experience in working with coffee. Until 2005, Alba was engaged exclusively in import, wholesale and distribution of raw coffee. After that, it extended its business operations to import and wholesale of raw materials for the production of cappuccino and coffee mixtures. In 2006, the company began to produce cappuccino and coffee mixture as a trade mark for commercial chains and to import and distribute products of Mokata brand (cappuccino, coffee mixture, cocoa, teas) for the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Dubai. Having achieved excellent...

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