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The blueberry fruits are high-quality fruits for consumption, either fresh or in the form of various products (jams, juices, etc.). The blueberry fruit contains a significant number of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus and iron. The chemical composition of the fruit depends on the variety and production environmental conditions. Based on the latest studies involving the analysis of about 60 different types of fruit, the blueberry was recognized as one of the healthiest fruits, mostly thanks to the high level of antioxidants in the fruit and plant leaf. Given the aforementioned concentration of antioxidants that are primary neutralizer of free radicals in the body, blueberry is a highly regarded culture in the prevention and treatment of a variety of vascular diseases, cancers, heart diseases, regulation of sugar and fat, urinary tract disease prevention and other. Blueberries and other dark coloured fruit berries contain vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres and biomass that help protect the body against various diseases, including even serious diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. In the last few years, a raise of awareness about the beneficial impacts of blueberries on the immune system is evident, but so far it has not been followed by adequate supply of high-quality blueberry fruits.

Hellea Ltd.

Helleu Ltd. for trade, services and real estate consulting was founded in 1992. Its primary activity was extended to the segment of agriculture, and in the last five years has been devoted to breeding high-bush blueberries. Guided by the vision of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, the company has on its own land near Zagreb started a plantation area of 3.5 hectares and planted 3,800 shrubs of different varieties of high-bush blueberries. After very positive experiences in 2005, it created a nursery with a capacity of at least 20,000 seedlings at a time. In recent years, development of awareness...