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Benkovac limestone

Benkovac limestone

Benkovac limestone of irregular shape (Salič), Ciklop Bunja (Ciklop), Ben for Revetment, Square stone (Dalmacija), Narcisse Travertine Slab, Sawed plate (Grič), Bunja (Rustica), Limestone Cultured Stone (Bonaca), Stuccoplate (Fortuna) The use of Benkovac stone tiles and slabs (limestone) is well known from ancient times. Considering its sustainability and extremely warm colours, this natural stone has become the ideal base for all types of construction – bricklaying, lining or even tiling. Stone tiles and slabs used in architecture and construction represent a natural material and are valued as quality material for lining interior and exterior and horizontal and vertical surfaces. The qualities of Benkovac stone are its genuineness, authenticity and way of treatment which is still ecological namely hand-made.


The company Kamen Benkovac was founded at the beginning of 2005 as affiliated company of Grič-3 Ltd. The business activities of the companies include exploitation, treatment and sale of Benkovac limestone intended for construction works. The company Grič-3 has in the past ten years dedicated itself to entering into foreign markets and become renowned and acknowledged for its quality and wide range of products. With the aim of separating production from sale, the basic company is Kamen Benkovac which directed its business doing to selling of Benkovac limestone in Croatia, and from 2006 has taken over the sale in foreign...