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Cod a la white

Cod a la white

“Bakalar bianco” or “Cod a la white” is a traditional Dalmatian dish and part of the Croatian gastronomic heritage. Cod meat is an exceptionally nutritious and high protein food. Trenton’s pâté “Cod a la white” is a specialty prepared according to traditional grandmothers’ recipes. The specific taste of cod meat was improved by adding basic condiments: garlic and parsley. Trenton’s “Cod a la white” is a combination of traditional cuisine and “fast food” trends of modern society. Its gastronomic appeal is in its taste and odor which is the result of the traditional recipe. Its secret is a long life which is achieved without the use of any additives or preservatives. During preparation it is not exposed to high temperatures (above 100 °C) and, thus, the nutritional value of the ingredients has been fully preserved. Trenton’s pate “Cod a la white” perfectly fits in the concept of ‘’fast food’’ trends, since it is a ready-made dish which does not require any further preparation or cooking. This ready-made specialty can be served as a sandwich spread or as a tasty dish served with boiled potatoes. Trenton’s ‘’Cod a la white’’ is marketed in glass jars of 270g and 600g.

Trenton Ltd.

Trenton Ltd. is a family company founded in 1994 by the Karninčić family. The company started with purchasing, bottling and distribution of olive oil. In a relatively short period it expanded its offer by production of table olives, capers and salted anchovies - delicacies of the local area closely related with the olive oil. Since the very beginning, Trenton Ltd. has paid special attention to the quality and health safety of its products, in collaboration with the best experts, and constant cooperation with the competent laboratories in the country and abroad. High-quality standards combined with affordable prices have attracted a...

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