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81% of buyers are ready to pay more for one of the products with the mark of Croatian quality.

AsYouWish software product for user-managed digital advertising and informing

AsYouWish software product for user-managed digital advertising and informing

AsYouWish product line stem from the need to improve communication within the company and with its clients. This unique product line is in the accordance to our clients’ demands and current needs. The line consists of five integrated products, that can operate independently of each other and can be implemented in stages or at once.

InformAsYouWish – digital advertising and informing on interactive panels

InviteAsYouWish solutions for queue managing and inviting

StreamAsYouWish solution for distributing visuals and digital television channels

PromoteAsYouWish solution for targeted advertising

SecureAsYouWish security platform for protecting the system

The main system attributes are:

– promptly informing the usersclarity of informing

– targeted advertising of products and services

– complementing information with visuals and the system security and malware and hacking protection.

The modular design is suitable for users who wish to implement specific desired modules and to avoid unnecessary cost. The modular construction and its components are making this system one of a kind among other communication devices.

Sagena informatics engineering Ltd.

Sagena is a modernly organized informatics company, founded in 1992 in Zagreb. The company is oriented on project planning and solution generating by the “key in hand” principle. The business covers various providing services from the IT infrastructure build up, implementing sofware and applications, to testing and maintainance. The company’s mission is to enable the usage of advanced technologies in the business management of various domestic and international businesses in order to improve their clients business efficiency. The company’s vision is offer the market the latest security ICT and their own solutions by permanently investing in their potential through permanent...