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Did you know that buyers are 63% more likely to purchase products with one of the marks of Croatian quality?

How to acquire the right to use the mark

The marks of “Croatian quality” and “Croatian Creation” can be acquired by the products and services with the quality above average, if they are manufactured in the Republic of Croatia or they are the result of Croatian tradition, research and development or innovations and inventions.

If the product or service meets these criteria, it is necessary to start the process for the acquisition of the use of the mark.

  • Rulebook
    • Please, read the Rulebook of the Visual Marks  for Croatian Products and Services
  • Application
    • It is necessary to fill, verify and sign the Application Form for the Acquisition of the Rights for the Use of the Mark
  • Documentation
    • It is necessary to enclose the following documents:
      • certificate of applicant’s membership in Traders or Craftsmen register
      • applicant’s official statement about Croatian origin of the good (product)
      • decisions, confirmations, testing reports, certificates or other credible documentation which proves that the legal criteria of the product or service are met
      • technical documentation of the product or service, promotional material and other documentation for unambiguous and confident identification of the product or service
      • certificates or other documentation of the incorporated system of quality assurance, or of the system of the quality management
      • documentation in the possession of the applicant, closely related to the process of verification of the above average quality of the product or service
      • short description of applicant’s work experience and other important data about him / her
      • product sample
      • credible documentation of Croatian tradition, scientific research, innovations or inventions, closely related to the product or service (when it comes about the application for the mark “Croatian Creation”).
  • List of expenses
    • evidence of the amount paid in order to cover the costs of processing applications for the acquisition of the mark


In case of any further questions, please contact us:

Croatian Chamber of Economy – Department of Quality
Rooseveltov trg 2, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
phone: +3851/4561-551, 01/48 28 374
fax: +3851/45 61 614